A contract case: Eyre v SotonTravel

eyre vs sotontravel

Welcome! Today you are going to read a contract case and give your opinion in the comment section below.

Eric is a lawyer. Today he has a new client, Jane. These are the notes of the meeting they had earlier today:

Client Details

Name: Jane Eyre
Address: Soton Legalese (School of Legal English), St. Mary’s Rd, Southampton

General information

Jane is the owner of a Legal English School in Southampton. There are courses all year round. On the last Monday of every month, all the students finishing the course go to the Moot Court in London. In order to take the students there, Jane uses the services of SotonTravel, a local company that provides buses and drivers.

She has hired their services for 2 years now, but they have never signed a contract because she always writes an e-mail to make the booking.

Facts of the case

On June 12th, Jane wrote an e-mail to make the usual reservation for the last Monday of the month (June 26). Unfortunately, there was a last minute change and the bus company secretary wrote an email on Friday 23 saying: “We’re very sorry but we can’t send the bus on Monday. We will send one on Tuesday instead. The driver will arrive at 10.00 as always”. Jane was out of office during the weekend and didn’t see the message.

The students took the train to go to London that Monday. Jane forgot to call SotonTravel to cancel the booking and the bus arrived on Tuesday morning.

Now StonTravel wants the cost of the service, which is £340.

Approach to the contract case

I need to advise Jane about paying the amount that Soton Travel demands from her. My advice depends on the contractual situation. If she has a contract with them, she must pay. If there is no contract, there is no obligation to pay.

Has Jane made a contract with SotonTravel?

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